Hola El Mundo!


Hello World,

It is beyond flagrant excitement that I am redacting this introductory blog post. During the past few days I had reflected on millions ( zillions) ways to efficiently convey to my audience the enthusiasm and thrill that had been present in my life in regards to the  creation of this blog .  Now that the so long-awaited moment of truth has finally arrived, I am un-shamelessly experiencing the wonders of brain fart. oops! yes people all the profund words I had previously prepared to spew out on this post have fled my cerebral territory and  traveled to an unknown planet .

So why not just KISS this?!  what you all think? yeah let’s  KEEP IT SIMPLE Stupid ( uhh I meant  to say Sweety)  You bet that I am not going to even jokingly venture into ridiculing myself on my own blog platform whose main essence is to portray my journey to ultimate self actualization right?

Without further ado, let’s fearlessly dive into the presentation of a photo shoot that I partook in last year around the time I first reflected about a title for my blog. The photo shoot’s goal was to completely annihilate any hint or trace of lack of confidence. As always when I am in front of a camera, I completely zone out and  take refuge in lalaland baby!











Bye Muchachos. Until I post again… 🙂

Quote of the Post:  “You can only control two things in life your Attitude and Your Actions”Darren Hardy.



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