The renaissance

5x7-lb-2524-2Hola Muchachos!

2016 has definitely been a particular year for me.A year brimming with miracles, delightful trips and incredible discoveries.I met my grandest love,  a love that I had searched for more than 25 years. Can you believe it? Through the most High I have finally uncovered the essence of happiness; its truest significance.During this year, not only the unbreakable bond between me and God has tightened, but also bonds with family and close friends  have become robuster.


I have changed! yes! I Have tremendously/ radically/ enormously/ changed. I have morphed into a different being , a better person, a WISER person. While I cannot wait to see the year 2017 unfold, I remain confident that my journey thru life will unbelievably be full of positive transformations.

My/our best has yet to come. I declare in my life and yours the advent of increase, abundance, riches, wisdom and most importantly GRAND LOVE .Xoxoxo






Quote of the Post: “Happiness is not the absence of problems.It is the ability to deal with them”Steve Maraboli

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