A Test of Patience

Hola El Mundo,


I would like to start the post with a quote from an unknown author that I cherish very much:” Life will keep bringing the same test over and over again until you pass it.” I believe that  this quote strikes home and we can all relate and find instances in our lives where we unexpectedly experience the same ordeal occurring in different fashions but implicitly requesting that we learn a specific lesson for our growth sake.


20171001-033A4193-Edit20171001-033A4183-EditLife has a cunning manner to throw curves at me , to my grotesque dislike to say the least. She ( Life) knows how to push my buttons , to corner me so that I reveal my most hidden flaws. In an effort to encourage me to learn, become better and therefore grow.


I am a lover of Life and Life is sometimes ( or always) keen on me. She can be a storm and the next second transform into a breeze. I have lately discovered that I have yet to master the test of patience. Upon this discovery, I was dismayed, appalled, shocked , well you get the picture.


20171001-033A4178-EditI truly felt as though I had failed myself, due to the fact that last year was one of my toughest years ever if not the toughest ever, and having passed next year ( alive and almost unscathed) , I truly believed deep in my heart that I had learned how to remain still and patient at all times.  Unfortunately,I am still facing new challenges that beg for my patience and self-restraint and it has been quite difficult to exert control. 20171001-033A4171-Edit

20171001-033A4206-EditThe big news is I am getting fed up with life’s torment and have decided to learn the lessons once and for all as without doubt Growth is awaiting at the end of the tunnel. With that said, what have been the different lessons, life has been trying to instill in you? and how are you overcoming these challenges? Please share your thoughts below.

Until next time….

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Quote of the Post: Carry the burden smilingly and cheerfully because patience is the key to victory-Rumi


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