Life rewards action

Hola El Mundo,


What’s popping?

I have just had one hectic week, I tell ya.  In the middle of  Wednesday’s afternoon , I was ready to jump ship ( metaphor for work ) and get on the next plane to Copacabana.  hum… So I have just placed ” jumping ship” and “getting on a plane” in the same sentence . Is this what they call an oxymoron? I can’t seem to recall my  figure of speech’s lessons… oh boy! I digress. Let’ s return to the topic of the day 🙂



So I was saying earlier that I had one challenging week. Nevertheless I successfully managed to give a presentation in front of a group of nearly 40 people which in itself is an achievement in my book of introverts a.k.a public- speaking phobic.



You cannot imagine the boost of confidence that immediately ensues after the delivery of my pitch. I was on Cloud infinity, thanking God for injecting the courage in my bone or should I say mouth to valiantly volunteer to do a proposal in front of a group of human beings.


I have internalized two major groundbreaking, life changing tips this week  that I surely already was aware of . Nonetheless, I had to experience a very stressful week to fully absorbed that 1) life rewards action 2) There will never be a right time to tackle a project that you truly have at heart, you had better do it NOW or REGRET it LATER.

Have you ever gone through the feeling that , NOW  may not be THE  right time to meet an objective or start a new project? Please don’t make me feel alone here. Have I been the sole black sheep of the family ? The one who is always indulging in dramatic procrastination? I bet NO.

We as humane beings are very BUSY or we psychologically predisposed our system of thoughts to believe so. Sadly, our type of busy does not necessarily mean that we undertake activities that will contribute to our  self- development. Undoubtedly We know how to be busy to assist somebody’ else in meeting their bottom line, their annual budget and whatnot while we are moving our personal project to the back burner until it carbonizes.

I have made the silent vow to myself to TAKE ACTION in regards to the evolution of my life and not be a spectator . With this decision comes along the understanding that I must make certain that I put forth effort to achieve my personal dreams before anybody else’s which is a hard task if you devote more than 8 hours a day to some Wall Street’s guru but doable. Others have done it, why should I not be able to?

On that Note, ladies and gentlemen,  Take action & Be responsible for your own life.

Until Next time my peeps..






Outfit Deets:

Dress from https://www.jovonnalondon.com/

Shoes: Steve Madden

Sunglasses: ZeroUV


Quote of The post: You are your most important resource to make your life work. Life rewards action. Until your knowledge, awareness,insights and understanding are translated into action, they are of no value” Dr. Phil


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