May Fear Be used as a Motivator

Hola El Mundo,


A couple of months ago , I had to work on a quite intricate concept at my place of employment.  A concept that in my line of work must be understood in order to advance. Unfortunately  I used not to fully grasp it. My lack of comprehension of the subject matter would create frustration and annoyance. Sure enough, when management assigned me the project in question , MR. Fear draped in his lovely black suit kicked in.

A couple of months forward, I am only happy that after postponing the start of the project a few times , I finally mastered my fear and tackled the task at hand with shining success. This difficulty has allowed me to discover that my breakthrough will always be on the other side of fear.

I have had the time to go through a couple of experiments in regards to fear and I am intrigued to notice that every time I have surmounted my fear, I have always been propelled to another level in my life . The creation of this blog for example is a striking instance where I had to deal with my internal demons which would dissuade me to launch the blog because I would not be good enough among other fallacious reasons…

Now that the blog is here , the joy I feel when I redact an article is phenomenal , it is undoubtedly priceless.

I have decided to accept fear as a friend, to embrace it but not nurture it. In my opinion , fear should only be a booster, a sort of motivational coach that is there to push you to become better. Fear is sometimes an indicator that you may be on the right path and therefore be clairvoyant and look beyond its paralyzing claws.

If put in a position of discomfort, I learn to appreciate fear as my growth is hidden in its shadows.

Until next time …








Outfit Deets:

The blouse is from Liz Moody on Etsy. Sorry guys I can’t recall where the skirt is from .

The shoes are from or as I colloquially call them “TheCATMakonie” ( my fave shoes’ brand of the moment)

Quote of the post:” I learned that courage is not the absence of fear but the triumph over it . The brave man is not who does not feel afraid but he who conquers that fear.” Nelson Mandela


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