Learn to let go and let Be


Hola El Mundo,


I recently had the occasion to experiment the power of coming to terms with one major life’s lessons: Letting go or Lacher prise in French.  Most events that occur in our lives cannot be controlled , they just happen , may hurt us or not .Fortunately our response to those events is the sole damage control’s action that we can undertake.

I had to make a vital decision a few weeks ago, the kind of decision that simultaneously brings along a taste of pain to the heart and a breeze of freedom to the mind. I had to accept that I would not share my life with somebody I cared for , somebody very dear to my heart and mind. However, as much as I deeply cared for that person, I  could never involve myself in a situation that would cause me to lose myself and where I would feel that I no longer had my place.

I had to let go….

Once that decision was made, I met peace and peace never left.


Letting go consists of sufficiently trusting yourself that beyond the fear of loss , your breakthrough may be on the other side of the shore. Letting go consists of trusting ourselves well enough to know that if we want something we must go ahead and get it, nevertheless if that thing we want , rejects us , then we may try a bit harder and harder until all our resources are exhausted , then at that point, we can let go and let be.



Letting go is not an easy process, it takes bravery and strength. Letting go also comprises relief, peace of mind and a chance to start brand new and differently. Letting go is met with so many opportunities to build a better life, a better relationship, a better journey  , a wiser YOU.

Letting go does not mean giving up, but accepting that certain things cannot be.


Until Next time….

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Quote of the post: “Parfois lacher prise est un acte plus puissant que se defendre ou s accrocher” Auteur Inconnu






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