To those who have ever said ‘no’ To me :I thank You.

HOLA EL Mundo,


This is the very first post of the year 2018. I have missed blogging, you have no idea. I am in love with I have always loved to write since I am a little girl . I hold multiple diaries, and I even had written novels in the past. However, I have never held a platform, where I pour my deepest thoughts and emotions. Please feel privileged to have access to my most intimate insights  because I feel deeply honored to have you read me. 🙂


Today , I want to thank those who have ever refused to help me not because they could not, but because they did not want to; as their refusal encouraged me to become resilient and rely on myself.

I want to say thanks to those who have ever pretended to help me and then at the end, they had dropped the ball, since they actually never meant to help me in the first place. Due to their lack of honesty, I became wiser and turned to myself to discover a person who would always be there for me, that person was ME.


I want to say thanks to the friends who ever said ” no” to me. Because in my moments of profound distress , I turned to people whom  I had treated as acquaintances  to find out they were ready to bring the whole world to me, unlike my so called friends. I discovered that a sincere friendship is not measured in terms of the years you have known each other . In the face of challenges, I discovered that a friend of nearly twenty years was ready to see me lose a job  he knew I had always wanted due to fallacious reasons I would not cite here.


I want to say thanks to the people who have ever turned down my friendship, because in my moments of most profound solitude, I uncovered my best friend, the rock I would always rest on, the person who would never fail me  that person was ME.


I want to  thank the man who has ever declined my love, because he could not recognize what real love was, he was not ready to receive the love of a loyal woman . I want to thank him because that love I had , I spilled it over to me  and the people who mattered.

I want to urge you readers to say thanks to the people who have ever said no to you because their “no” were blessings in disguise.

I want to thank those who have ever said ” no” to me, because of their “no”, I said  ” yes ” to myself.


Until  I post again…

Outfit Deets:

Coat :

Boots & Handbag :

Denim Jean: Forever 21

Blue Blouse & white shirt from thrift stores.

Watch: Guess

Quote of the post: “I am thankful for all of those who said NO to me . It’ s because of them I am doing it myself” Wayne W. Dyer


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