Hola El Mundo,


Today is saturday and  In my world , it is Cocooning time baby. YES! Did someone say Cocooning?!  A time well spent with myself, sipping on a cup of Rasperry Thriller herbal tea and listening to my current favorite’s Hillsong’s song.


Do you have a  special song that makes your heart melt and transport you to another galaxy? Well, most Hillsong United’s songs elate me. They sincerely know with incredible accuracy how to touch my soul. They energize my M.O.O.D honey and I feel closer to GOD.

Well my loves, Tonight I hit you with this sumptuous  Skater skirt from ASOS. She is Chic, she is fierce, she is pompous, unapologetic, she struts her stuff like there is no tomorrow…. ahhaah Man ! Ok let me stop the craziness here You get the picture. I was feeling myself sporting this outfit. I am a major fan of skater everything, let it be skater dress or skater skirt, honey I would wear it.

Share your thoughts ! Let me know what you think of this gem of an Outfit.:)






Until I post again…

Outfit Deets:

Blouse from Forever 21

Skirt from ASOS

Heels and earrings from Aldo

Quote of the post: “How far is heaven? It is not very far . When you live close to God. It is right  where you are.” Unknown



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