Wanna Become my Friend?!

Hola El mundo,


How is the weekend treating you?  Pretty good I hope.  Chillaxing  has been my state of mind this weekend. I did not get much done. I did it eat a lot though . LOL. I have tried this yummy dessert made of mango, yogurt , couscous and ladyfingers.  OH MY!  my tastes buds danced the salsa… LOLL.


Do you have one or two best friends?  I have quite some good friends.  I also own diamonds which are the people in my life who bring light into my heart. Maybe one day I will tell you more about them.  In the meantime , I would like to introduce you to my best friend, my frenemy, my ROCKSTAR…. Well it is… ME of course. yeah honey. I am my own ride and die CHICK .  Before being anyone else’s  best friend, I stay loyal to myself.

I am one of those people who believe that the main relationship a human has to possess, is a friendship with themselves. Every day  I nurture the relationship I have with my person. I house good thoughts about myself and  my surroundings ( I make some good effort, It is not easy  to keep your  head above troubled waters all the time).  I  make a point not to indulge into self sabotage, self destruction and the likes.

I believe it is of the utmost importance to self care and to preserve your inner sanctum.  I have little secrets that I do not intend to share with anyone even with my husband LOLLL and I would like for this husband of mine to protect his private world as well. So now , let me be clear we surely all need to be transparent especially within a delicate relationship such as a marriage. I am not encouraging  dishonesty or roleplaying.  All I am saying is that not everything needs to be known and said. Not every part of me needs to be revealed.  I want to keep some parts of me to myself. I  am whole as a person and want to know that I can still rely on me when hard times arise. One  way to ensure that I remain my best rock is to  become my BEST FRIEND . To be that person I can run to if I need to cry. To be that person who can  console me , advise me, love me , encourage me.  YES, It is vital to be there for you  before being there for anyone else. So are you your own BEST FRIEND? Think about it… Don’t place that responsibility into someone else’s hands, you might end  up disappointed : )

Until I post again…






Outfit Deets:

Oversize Dress is from A Thrift Store. It cost less than 10$ (CDN) .  I love the sleeve details of this dress . I am a sucker for dotted dress .

The  Loafers and Handbags are  from Aldo

Sunglasses from  ZeroUV

Quote of the post: “When you are your own best friend you do not endlessly seek out relationships, friendships and validation from the wrong sources because you realize that the only approval and validation that you need is your own”.Mandy hale

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